Heal Your Business Now.

Sustainable Success for Heart-Centred Women

Are you overwhelmed in your coaching or consulting business? 

This book explains how to build a balanced, holistic and healthy business. Balanced, not boring!  

You’ll Learn:

  • The secrets to reconnecting to your deeper life purpose so that you can bring in greater levels of fulfilment to your business
  • How to fine tune the feminine art of receiving so that you can call in the abundance you deserve
  • Ultimate ways to honour your physical body for true holistic success and well-being. Secret ingredients to physical longevity and wellness in business 
  • The one critical tool most heart-centred women overlook and need to pay more attention to for greater sustainability and extraordinary results
  • Essential keys to becoming the leading lady in your life and business and how to become a self-determined feminine leader with heart ease.
  • Why most women find it hard to break through their inner glass ceiling and exactly what you need to do to create lasting change so that you can leave your legacy 
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  • For anyone who wants to find their purpose, their 'why' of being in this world, who wants to to discover what it is they need to accomplish to be able to leave behind a legacy, in their personal and/or business life.”

    Ruth Stuettgen 

  • I cannot say in a few words how powerful this was and I highly encourage you to dive in with no reservations.”

    Jacqui Anderson

  • Lisa has a way of guiding you back to your true self. Her innate abilities have allowed me to identify and keep fully aligned with my soul purpose."

    Kristal Brown 

  • an inspired and unique program coupled with intuitive guidance and deep wisdom...has created the space for true and lasting change for me.”

    Star Despres

  • My business has really taken off and I have several other exciting future projects in the works. I couldn't recommend something more.” 

    Maureen Walsh 


Lisa Fitzpatrick

About the Author

Lisa Fitzpatrick www.LisaFitzpatrick.com.au 

Lisa is a best-selling author who revels in supporting women to find their unique life purpose and heal their businesses so that they can enjoy holistic and life-sustaining success. 

She is the founder of Sacred Women's Business which serves conscious women to tap into their feminine wisdom and become the leading lady of their life and business. Sacred Women's Business is a finalist in the 2015 AusMumpreneur Awards.

Sacred Women's Business makes a stand for more awakened women to take an empowered place in the areas of service-based business, politics and finance so that the world can benefit from greater balance and equality for all.

Lisa is a certified coach, writer, yoga teacher, workshop facilitator, speaker, registered physiotherapist and mother. She lives in a subtropical paradise near Byron Bay, Australia, with her two sons.